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Statement on The Situation in Rakhine State

02 May 2024

  • Note to correspondents - As delivered by the Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General at noon briefing in New York. 


 An update from Myanmar: Our team on the ground tells us they are concerned by the spreading of misinformation, disinformation and hate speech, especially in northern Rakhine State.

We fully support community leaders in Rakhine State, especially women, and youth, who are coming together and redoubling efforts to promote social cohesion amid increasing signs of tension and the risk of communal violence re-emerging in the current very volatile context.

Addressing the root causes of systemic discrimination and impunity in Rakhine State will be essential in establishing a sustainable pathway out of the current crisis facing Myanmar. The failure to do so will only fuel Myanmar’s vicious cycle of violence; that’s according to the UN team. 

And we have of course being consistent in condemning all forms of violence against civilians in Myanmar, and we reiterate our call for the protection of civilians, including aid workers, in accordance with international humanitarian law, for the cessation of hostilities, and humanitarian access.

New York, 1 May 2024 / Yangon, 2 May 2024


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