The UN Resident Coordinator's Office

The Resident Coordinator is the designated representative of the United Nations Secretary-General to Myanmar and is responsible for the coordination of UN activities in the country. Recognizing that the three global pillars of the UN, development, peace and security and human rights, are interlinked and mutually reinforcing, the UN System in Myanmar works under the leadership of the Resident Coordinator to ensure a harmonized approach to support Myanmar to achieve its priorities, in line with the 2030 Global Development Agenda – The Sustainable Development Goals – and internationally agreed treaties and standards.

The UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Myanmar

The UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator a.i. for Myanmar is Mr. Jaime Nadal Roig.

Former UNFPA Representative a.i. in Afghanistan, Mr. Nadal started his collaboration with UNFPA in 1996, joining the organization in 1999 as Programme Officer in the Latin American and Caribbean Division at Headquarters, which included assignments to Guatemala and Haiti. In 2004, he took up the position of Deputy Director for the English- and Dutch-Speaking Caribbean, Jamaica. He subsequently assumed the UNFPA Representative positions in Bolivia, Egypt, Brazil, Ukraine (and Country Director for Belarus), leading the respective UNFPA teams and acting as UN Resident Coordinator (a.i.) in Bolivia between 2012 and 2013. 

Mr. Nadal brings more than 25 years of experience working as part of the UN system to advance the ICPD, the Agenda 2030, and responding to emergencies and humanitarian crises.

Prior to joining UNFPA, he was in the private sector,  providing consulting services to private and public organizations on EU-sponsored regional development initiatives in Spain.

Jaime Nadal Roig

Jaime Nadal Roig

The UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator a.i. and Representative