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ILO calls on workplaces to accelerate action against violence and harassment

08 March 2023

With a growth in work in digital spaces, workplaces must take action to tackle online violence and harassment and implement the ILO’s Violence and Harassment Convention.

YANGON, Myanmar - In marking International Women’s Day today, the ILO Myanmar Liaison Officer, Donglin Li, called on employers to step up action to prevent violence and harassment in workplaces.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent military takeover in Myanmar has amplified human vulnerability and exposure to online violence and harassment, particularly against women. With a growth in the number of workers who are also teleworking from home and using digital platforms, there is an increasing risk of online violence and harassment through social media and online meeting applications.

“Today is an opportunity to remind workplaces that violence and harassment must be eliminated in all places where people work, including digital spaces. It is incumbent on employers to ensure that digital spaces are safe," said Donglin Li, ILO Myanmar Liaison Officer.

The adoption of the Violence and Harassment Convention (No 190)  in 2019 marked an important milestone as it is the first international treaty to reflect a right to a world of work free from violence and harassment. The Convention recognises the changing nature of work by covering people who work from home and communications enabled by information and communication technologies.

With reference to the ILO Violence and Harassment Convention (No. 190), a guide  has been developed for employers focusing on general principles for the prevention and management of violence and harassment at work. It provides essential information on why employers need to take action and how to address, prevent and respond it.

More information about ILO Convention 190 can be found at>


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