WHO Myanmar Newsletter - Issue 63, Vol. 17

Why is high salt intake bad for your health?

Heart disease and stroke claim lives at a younger age Heart disease and stroke are among leading causes of death in the SouthEast Asia Region. In Myanmar, one in every four deaths is estimated to be due to heart disease and stroke, often not yet 70 years. Costs of treating heart disease & stroke are high Treatment cost of heart disease and stroke are commonly very high. They usually need long-term treatment and result in high out-of-pocket expenditure to families, which can push many households into catastrophic health expenditure and impoverishment. Consumption of salt more than 5 grams per day increases blood pressure and puts people at greater risk of heart disease and stroke. It is ranked as a leading risk factor for high blood pressure, globally. Over 4.1 million annual deaths globally are linked to excess intake of salt.

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